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MOMS Club of Temecula-Central, CA has many interest-based activities.  Please ask the Membership Vice President for the calendar to see what activities are currently scheduled.


Monthly ALL Member Meetings:
All members are encouraged to attend our business meetings. We have a room dedicated for the meeting and a craft section for the kids. This is a great opportunity to find out about upcoming events.  Often, there are speakers or discussions on topics of interest.

Field Trips/Group Tours:
Several times during the year we take a field trip or tour for Moms and their children. These have included trips to Sea World, the Flower Fields, the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park and tours of the Post Office, the Fire Station, our local Children's Museum, and various Pizza Restaurants, where the kids can make their own pizza.

Holiday Parties:
When the holidays approach we like to get together and celebrate. We have parties for the kids that often include crafts and lots of fun!

Family Events:
Over the course of the year we hold events where the entire family is welcome. This can be anything from a picnic to an ice cream social to a field trip. This is especially nice for the dads to be able to participate and get to know others, as well.

MOMS Night Out:
MOMS Night Out: One night a month we have the opportunity to leave the kids and have a night out with other Moms. Previous activities have included going to the movies, dinner, bowling and painting ceramics.

Coffee Club:
Join our moms for a cup of your favorite coffee. This event is perfect for moms with kids in school with some time to themselves, or bring those kiddies along too! We try different coffee houses around town and just enjoy each other's company.

Park Days:
Several times every month we meet at local parks. The kids have a chance to play together and we have a chance to visit too!

Every month there are several opportunities to meet for lunch. We meet at kid-friendly restaurants and everyone gets a chance to visit or host pot-lucks at parks or homes.

Walk N’ Talk:
Moms meet at nearby parks to get some exercise with or without strollers.

Book Club:
Throughout the year, moms will select books to discuss at our book club meetings. Plenty of time is given for us busy moms to read the selection and a date is chosen to meet up.