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What MOMS Club Means to Me....

"I had a "WOW" moment I was packing up all my stuff, rolling my stroller piled high with a cooler, snacks, diaper bag with one hand, pushing my 2-year old son’s push car with my other hand, trying to load up all the junk in the car, my son was tooling around on his trike by the car. I was trying to get my three month old out of the Bjorn, into her car seat, when before I knew it, a MOM had rounded up my son, put his trike in the car, and strapped him in his car seat without me even asking for this is why I love MOM's is doing without asking, knowing on instinct, and giving selflessly without the blink of an eye! MOMS Club of Temecula-Central, CA is a wonderful group of women and I am very grateful to have you in my life and in my children’s lives! Joining MOM's Club was the best decision I have made since becoming a mom."
~ Lindsay, mom of 2, member since 2008

"I have been in our MOMS Club for 6 years and I am so thankful for all it has to offer. Over the years, I have met many other moms who have become very special to me. My children also love the MOMS Club. They look forward to anytime they can do an activity with other MOMS Club children. Most importantly, the MOMS club gave me support when I needed it the most. We all can relate to the issues stay-at-home moms face and can discuss them together. I am very thankful for our MOMS Club and all the wonderful people who are in it with me."
~ Kim, mom of 3, member since 2003

"I never felt more alone than when I quit my job to stay at home and take care of my first baby. My co-workers thought I was crazy, but I knew this was the best thing I could do for our family. And then I found the MOMS Club, and I have never looked back. Since the day I joined three years ago, I have met wonderful moms who have been there for me whenever I needed someone to confide in, vent to, or laugh with. We share stories about our kids and the trials and tribulations of raising them. I have never had better friends than my fellow "MOMS Club moms" and I love raising my daughters around these wonderful role-models and their children."
~ Ann-Marie, mom of 2, member since 2006

"It’s difficult to express how much the MOMS Club has meant to me since I became a mom. It has given me new friends, fun activities to do with my children, and support from others who know the trials and joys of motherhood.  It's great to know that my daughter will have friends in her neighborhood well before she is off to school!"
Amanda, mom of 1, member since 2008